Missing Persons Help

 Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst, and  NEVER GIVE-UP!

If you are reading this, chances are, you have a loved who has disappeared. I am very sorry. I know the anguish, desperation, and confusion you are going though.  That, combined with a vow I made to God, is why I put this website or booklet, (depending on which resource you have) together. 

I could put a bunch of missing persons statistics, numbers, and pictures on here. However, I did not do so because that data can be found in other places. The most important data and the only number relevant is the one in your life and your missing person situation. This site is not setup to glamerous , it is for one purpose, which is to PROVIDE SOME PRACTICAL IDEAS AND SUPPORT TO SOMEONE WHO HAS A LOVED ONE THAT HAS DISAPPEARED.

One of the most traumatic events in my family’s life started after my mom and dad uncharacteristically missed an important appointment. Then after our calls to them went unanswered we arrived at their home to find the doors locked and no one home.  They and their vehicle, were missing. However, at that time the police had no evidence of foul play.  The minutes turned into days, the days into weeks, and weeks into months.  We did not know what to do, where to turn, and neither it seemed, did anyone else.

This website or booklet, (depending on which resource you have), while applicable to any missing person,  is geared towards the disappearance of adults.  Furthermore, while the information could be helpful in any missing person situation, it is geared toward a situation of foul play or suspicious circumstances.  This is because that was my experience. Also, there seem to be more resources available for missing children than there are for missing adults.

It is important to point out that there is no magic formula for finding, or dealing with the ramifications of a missing person. What works in one situation may not work in another. Thus, the information within is meant to be guidance verses a hard and fast rule or directive. Also be advised that some of the guidance is geared toward helping you find your missing loved one while other guidance is geared toward your emotions and overall wellbeing.

My desire in writing this is that others, perhaps you, will have a place to turn, a direction to start, and some ideas on what to do. Equally and perhaps more important, is the reassurance that the thoughts and emotions your going to go through are normal, acceptable, and expected under the conditions. 

NOTE:  When a person disappears that last thing on the family’s and friend’s mind is money. But the reality is, expenses accumulate very rapidly when a loved one is being looked for.  There are printing cost,  food, gas, missed work, baby sitting, daycare, maybe hotel, and sometimes expense that are those of the missing person.  Missing persons cases have no racial, religious, or economic boundaries.  Which means that not everyone has the means to cover the expenses.  PLEASE…consider helping others find their missing loved ones by giving a one time or regular donation to MISSINGPERSONSHELP.ORG or a similar charity of choice.